I've been wanting to upgrade my flash organization for a while now, I just never got around to it. After seeing someone make a post about DIY Trekpak, I decided to give it a try along with one of the Apache cases from Harbor Freight. I figure its a good bang for your buck set up, and so far it seems like it. 

It's fairly cheap over all. $45 for the Apache 3800 case and $15ish for the divider supplies. All you need is coroplast board, self adhesive EVA foam, self adhesive felt and bobby pins.

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The first thing you want to do is layout how you want to fill the case. From here you can measure everything and figure out how much supplies you will need. When measuring (specially for the outer rim) take into consideration the thickness of the foam and board equal about 1/4". Also remember that the EVA foam goes on both sides of the board so you need twice the amount you measure.

Once you are all done measuring, cut strips of the coroplast the depth case, making sure the veins of the board are upright... cut against the grain if that helps. From there cut the EVA foam to matching strips and stick them to the board, remember, both sides. At this point you should have one long strip for the outer ring and your dividers.

This is where the bobby pins come in. Loop the outer ring in the case and use the bobby pins to secure the ends. Simply slide each leg of the pin into veins on each divider. For the outer ring, I use bare bobby pins on top and bottom. For the interior dividers where I may be rearranging the set up, I made the pins with flags, so its easier to remove them. To make the pins, cut strips of the felt, feed it through the pin and stick it to the other end. 

That's it. All you need to do is layout all your dividers and pin them into place. Super easy and cheap little project if you're like me and procrastinating some needed upgrades to your organization. 

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