Another NXL event means another road trip. This was the last even of the year for me. In the same fashion as last year, I had a wedding shoot fairly soon after NXL World Cup, but not that bad that I would need to fly home... Thank god. Keep an eye out for the event and wedding posts later.

This trip was pretty much all Midwest and East Coast stuff since I have seen a lot of the Southwest already. My first stop was to "camp" in El Morro National Monument. I say "camp" because I ended up spending most of the night in my car when my 30 degree rated sleeping bag didn't like the 5 degree temperature outside. Also super bummed that my Poler tent finally died, with the window plastic not liking the subfreezing temps either. I also learned that although the JOBY GorillaPod works well in cold temps, it didn't do well staying out over night. 

My next main stop was the Tabasco Factory Tour on Avery Island in Louisiana. If you are ever in the area, I'd really recommend the 20 or so mile detour off I-10 to get to the island. The factory tour is worth it alone, but one of the family members (a photographer) decided to make a huge garden with a centerpiece that is a Buddha gifted to him from friends. Its absolutely amazing to drive through and see everything, specially if you are from California and all the Spanish moss is still a wonder to you. 

During a few of my trips along the 10 I've passed the USS Alabama and I always say I want to go, but never do. I finally made it a point to stop and visit the ship. I now see why I was always reluctant to make the stop because I spent almost a whole day touring the battleship and the sub, the USS Drum, they have on display. I could have easily spent the whole day and more there. I also went on the USS Yorktown and USS Laffey in Charleston but spent more time touring the ship with friends than taking photos. 

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From Alabama it was onto Florida to shoot the NXL World Cup and bebop around the east coast. 

The big things I was looking forward to were Crystal River to see Manatees and Dry Tortugas NP. I made my way south to the Florida Keys after Cup and found out that the ferry to Dry Tortugas sells out far in advance and I didn't have a chance of getting a ticket. Giving up, I made my way to the Southern Most Point in the US and snapped a photo from the drivers seat because I didn't want to deal with the craziness that was going on. I figure I will be back when I go back to Dry Tortugas next year. I made the best of the trip, shooting some timelapse and long exposure photos at the Bahia-Honda bridge while making my way Crystal River. I did stop off and take an airboat tour in the Everglades and I would highly recommend doing that as well. It's such a blast. Getting to Crystal River, it started to rain and I didn't know if I wanted to Kayak in the rain. I'm glad I did because I got wet anyway from paddling and IT WAS A BLAST. Manatees are so cool. They are nicknamed sea cows but that's not right... Cows are boring, Manatees are AMAZING. I'm so glad I got the chance to see them and will be back next year to swim with them. 

After Florida I made my way up the east coast visiting some National Park sites like Fort Sumter and the Augusta Canal. I was really looking forward to Fort Sumter because I had been to the end of the Civil war and I figured I should go to the start. Weather wasn't very friendly towards photos but I still enjoyed touring and learning about the site. One cool stop that I didn't really plan or know what I was getting into was Wormsloe Plantation. The highlight being about a mile of Oak Trees creating one of the coolest tree tunnels I've seen. 

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