Another year of trying to drive to all the NXL events is ahead of me. First stop was NXL Las Vegas, but that wasn't much of a trip, even though I made my way up through Death Valley. This trip was going to be a bit of a long one. The plan was to make it out to Texas a bit early and spend time with friends before the NXL event. After the event I made my way North to visit my Grandma again and since I was in the area, I figured I might as well shoot the MSXL Nashville event. I'll make a MSXL post soon.  After that, I made my way to Denver for some food and a quick shoot for The Plug Supply before heading home. 

My first stop was Texas to visit some friends. One of the main things I look forward to when visiting my friends in Texas is the bourbon and food. I did get to visit Garrison Brothers Distillery outside of Austin. Great little distillery that makes some nice craft bourbon. If you find a bottle on the store shelves, grab it and give it a try! You for sure should stop by for a tour if you are in the area of the distillery. I also got to see Lux Row distillery and MB Rolland distillery while I was passing through the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Both of them were pretty small tours (read just us... perks of taking a distillery  tour at 10am I guess) and were great to have a little more personalized interaction with the guides. 

Back pedaling to Texas, I did get a chance to hike Enchanted Rock. It's a nice hike that isn't to strenuous, aside from the super steep incline. However, the view on top of this giant granite dome is pretty amazing as far as a natural view point in Texas goes. To top it off, there are some pools of water at the top that can support some plant and animal life. 

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After Texas I made my way north to Milwaukee, stopping at a few National Park sites along the way as I normal do. This trip consisted of Tuzigoot, Pea Ridge, Lincoln Home, Fort Scott, Nicodeemus and Bent's Old Fort. My favorites are torn between Tuzigoot, being some of the best preserved ruins in the area, Pea Ridge and its history along with the auto tour, or Nicodemus and its history (including finding out an ex Chargers player was from Nicodemus) but I just can't decide this trip.

Of course there were some food stops that had to be made, like Leon's Frozen Custard and Wayne's Smoke Shack. This time, I managed to sneak in a few new places that I've been meaning to go to like Drink Wisconsibly and Slaps BBQ. If you aren't already, be sure to follow my food account on Instagram, The Armchair Foodies

Here's some random shots that I have left from the trip. 

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