After making it home from my Cup Road Trip, I had just enough time to regroup and set up for another post Cup wedding. I never understood people who complain about always doing something. I love being busy. And, usually, busy means money. 

On the note of money, the venue for the wedding was the Four Seasons Westlake Village and man is it money. I've never been to a Four Seasons before so I don't have a base line but I loved the grounds and design of the venue. It's a beautiful place, if you ever feel like treating yourself, gotta check it out. 

Alex and Kara were an awesome couple to shoot. They were a little hesitant since they had never been photographed professionally. In the end, I think they were great in front of the camera and we had a blast behind the camera. 

Untitled photo

Big thank you to Randy Felix. Alex and Kara asked if I offered video on top of my photo packages. They gave me their budget for both and I hit up Randy to see if he was free. He ended up joining Belinda and I with me splitting some tasks between photos and video, but he really killed it. You can see in his highlight video here. 

Be sure to check out and subscribe to his channel

Randy Felix Media

More and more becoming an all around company! It's always great to Collaborate with friends for work.

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