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I was looking to get some photos of a buddy recently and I hit him up looking to shoot on a local road for him, GMR. I asked him if he wanted to shoot on Saturday morning and he said he was going to be on the mountain that morning, but it was for a shoot with Max Dubler. I asked Max if he was ok with me coming out and shooting a bit, seeing at GMR is a huge area and I think I could do a good job not stepping on his toes. He said he was ok with it, so the weekend was a go. I met up with Paul Cho Friday and crashed at his house to leave from there Saturday morning. 

As with any other time shooting skating, there was a bit of downtime. Seeing as Glendora Mountain Road is like Palomar, I was able to shoot some bikes and cars while I waited. I didn't get too much in terms of those photos cause I did spend some time bouncing around following the group and switching turns. 

Photos below are a mix on Paul Cho and mine.

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