I got some new stuff from Joby and I wanted to give it a test run. I headed out to Palomar Mountain Saturday night to shoot some stars before I shoot the motorcycles on Sunday. The two things I was looking forward to trying were the GripTight phone mount and the GorillaPod.

I already have the Focus Tripod so I know what the GorillaPod is like, but I wanted to see how it paired up with the GoPro. And of course, as everyone else has found, it handles it like a champ. As for the GripTright, the one thing I need with these phone mounts is to be able to securely hold my Galaxy S5. With how big phones are, I don't know why companies haven't kept up with the tripod mounts. Well Joby has, and its killer. It even comes in two sizes. Its so nice, I might do a little review on it just to point out some of the finer details. Keep an eye out for it.  I don't use a tripod much when I'm taking photos with my phone. However, I do like to use the phone mounts to hold my phone when I use things like the TriggerTrap app when shooting stars or a remote camera. 

Other than having some issues with the lighting and the screen for the "Behind The Scenes" shots, I think the shots came out great and the new Joby products are gonna be a great addition to my set up. 

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