Something about some birds and a bunch of dudes named Pat was going on this Sunday, but I didn't know much about it. I spent most of my day shooting on Palomar Mountain like I always do. About half way through the morning there was a head on crash with a motorcycle going uphill going wide and hitting another motorcycle going downhill. I don't think anyone was seriously hurt but the bikes had to be trucked home. Leaving some coolant on the road, that sent a few people home and slowed the day down a bit. For some odd reason around 2:00 it started to slow down like people had to get home for something. I decided to follow suit and head home to get working on the photos. 

Untitled photo

The San Diego Sheriff's helicopter came to say hi again today. I wasn't in position to get a photo like I did a few years ago. They've done a few passes since that shot, but either I'm not in position or the helo isn't  as close as it was that day. I am pretty sure that was a once in a lifetime moment. A lot of variables fell into place to get that photo. The riders, the helo and myself. I had to run to get into position as the helo started its pass. As I was running I heard the bikes coming and just couldn't believe my luck. I started snapping and backing up trying to get the whole thing in the shot, but couldn't get too far back, as there was still a road with cars on it behind me. 

Check out some of the photos below

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