Aside from a few fancy cars like the Ariel Atom and Polaris Slingshot, it was a pretty normal weekend for me on Palomar Mountain. One thing I was working on is fine tuning the use of the sound sensor on the TriggerTrap app

I always like using remotes to gain another angle without having to always re-position myself. The problems comes to triggering the camera. Usually I use a Pocket Wizard as a wireless remote, and I've gained some tricks of the trade when I attended the Sports Shooter Academy. However, that takes your attention away from your main camera, to when to trigger your remote and could result in missed shots. The instructors at Sports Shooter said not to rely on remote camera's because you never know what might happen with the camera. It should be icing on your cake. You should still have solid series outside of the remote shots. With that in mind, I've wanted to keep my attention on my main camera, and TriggerTrap solved my problem. I've tried using their laser sensor in the past, but it didn't work well in direct light. So that left the sound sensor to use. after some tweaks, I think I got it somewhat dialed in. Although it did pick up a lot of empty shots after the bike left the frame since the exhaust is now right into the sensor. I've got some ideas on how to solve some more issues and will have the sounds sensor running more on weekends.  

Palomar Mountain - Saturday, February 7, 2015

Palomar Mountain - Sunday, February 8, 2015

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