It was time for another road trip up to Berkeley. I was pretty excited for this trip, aside from getting to see my girlfriend of course. I timed the trip so I could return during a full moon so I can finally shoot some star trails at the Bixby Bridge. On the way up there were some few clouds so I shot some timelapse footage while I stopped to stretch my legs and what not, you can check it out in the video above. I wasn't worried about the clouds because the forecast had clear skies for my return. It wasn't wrong, that's for sure. That night had the clearest skies I've ever seen in Big Sur. I let my camera run for about 2 hours with a GoPro doing the same, attached to the tripod with the JOBY Locking Arm. 

While I let my main camera run, I clambered up a point  to get a different shot. Once I was there, I realized the cliff to the left went all the way to the beach, and I'm afraid of heights. I sat around waiting for a car, but it being 2am, there weren't many cars on Hwy1. Sadly, the shot ended up being out of focus.  

While I was in Berkeley I shot some more timelapse footage to add to the video. The lady and I also went to Oakland to eat at Umami Burger. We also went on some hikes at the Muir Woods National Monument and on the Berkeley Fire Trails over looking the bay. The rest of these photos are just various snaps along the way. 

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