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It's the fourth year shooting Barrett Junction Outlaw for me. If you live in SoCal, or california for that matter, and you don't go to the Barrett event, you're doing it wrong. It's a classic. Plus, there's always the party at the campsite. 

The road defines the term jank, or chunder... whatever you want to call it, the cracks will eat you whole here. And it gets worse every year. Taking a chunk of asphalt to the face isn't too uncommon during a heat. The road practically gets worse every heat!

After four years I'm running out of things to change up my shots. I did a lot of shooting into the sun, which is something I usually try to steer clear from. I have been making it a tradition to shoot a star trail at the campsite. This year I shot it with the GoPro Hero4 You can see the outcome to the right. I also tried shooting some timelapse with the GoPro and the Cinetics Axis360. Check that out below.

Check out the full gallery here

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