I've been wanting to shoot portraits more and more lately. There's nothing wrong with wanting to expand your skill set right? Most of my subjects I have in mind are paintball players that I know. I really like the concept of putting athletes in their get in a setting outside of the sport. I've been trying to get some camera time with Nate Schroeder of Omaha Vicious, but between my road trips and paintball for him, we couldn't seem to match schedules. So much so he was able to regrow that bitchin' mustache after we initially set-up the shoot. Finally, we figured out that he was practicing the same weekend I was shooting WCPPL in Oceanside. We met up in a small business park a few minutes from my house and did a quick shoot after shooting/practicing all day Saturday. 

On a random note, I had the idea to give a shrunken head a go after all the bobble heads... Nate was my guinea pig. 

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