I've had a few people ask me what gear I have and how do I set up my Pelican Products cases to hold all my gear. I decided to finally make a video with the load out for both my Pelican set ups, the 1510 and 1300 series cases. I change things up a bit depending on what I'm shooting, and I may even get a little crazy and throw some GoPro stuff in the 1510 if I'm flying and can't take the 1300 with me, but this is the set ups I run with a majority of the time. 

The 1510 is something I've been wanting for a long time. I was content with my backpack, so when I had the extra cash to spend, I always seemed to find something better to spend the money on. Eventually I decided to just break down and buy one. I couldn't buy the black one though. That would be too mainstream. I really like anything in desert tan so I went with that color. It was all fun and games till everyone comes out of the wood works acting like they were the only one they knew with that color, and then they realize a bunch of people have 'em.  That happened to Cassidy, Spanoil and I at PSP World Cup this year. 

I like the padded dividers because as I said before, I change the set up depending on what I'm shooting. and if you manage to pack enough gear in there, the stuff doesn't have much chance to rattle around. I am on the fence about whether I want the laptop sleeve or the lid organizer. As you can see above I put the organizer to good use, but it requires me to bring another bag to carry my laptop. I guess I'll buy it and give the sleeve a run. 

Both cases have some solid latches. They are super sturdy. I've used both as seats at times and one of the main reasons I bought the 1510 was to stand on it when I needed to get that extra height, even though I'm 6'6. I didn't want to sticker them up at first, but I knew I would need to do something to differentiate mine at times at a glance. I decided to go with the strip of 1904 stickers. After getting the 1300 case, I decided to throw stickers of places I've been on it. 

After I got a GoPro, I had to find something to carry it in. My first go-to was Pelican. I decided to get the 1300 because of the two layers of foam, just to have the possibility for expansion. I don't keep all my stuff for the GoPro in the case. I choose not to take a fat chunk out of the foam to put the suction cup in the case. And as you saw in the video, I keep the Camalapse in my 1510 case. I could probable keep everything in the GoPro if I really wanted to, but it doesn't seem to be that much of a problem the way I have things set up. 

I really love my Pelican cases and will continue to use their stuff whenever I need a solid case for any of my gear. I will eventually buy some cases to hold my Automotive rig, and the long rifle cases seem like a perfect option for the poles. If you have anything you want to keep protected, check to see if theres a Pelican case that fits your needs. 

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  • que-photography

    on October 30, 2014

    This is awesome! i have the 1510 and 1560 case myself and its cool to see the variety of how each person sets theirs up. I have a laptop sleeve on my 1510 and i don't even use it, because no matter what i always take my backpack with my laptop. thinking i should invest in the pockets for the lid. Thanks for sharing!

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