During the week I decided to head out to Palomar and try to shoot a star trail with one of my cameras as the subject. Overall the shot came out ok, but I did mess up one minute detail. I forgot to take my polarizing filter off and only caught a few stars in the sky as a result.

Settings: Canon 7D - Canon 17-40mm  - 30" @ F/4 - ISO 800

Since I wasn't totally happy with the result, I was determined to reshoot it. I decided to head up to Palomar Mountain the night before shooting motorcycles on the weekend. Friday night I took a quick nap and loaded up the STi and made my way to Palomar. It was a full moon out so I was trying to find somewhere that would have the moon to my back. I ended up settling on a turnout along South Grade Road.

I set up the 1D3 on a guard rail, positioning my car to block any chance of a cars headlights hitting my camera. Its small details like that, if over looked, can ruin an hours worth of shooting in less than 30 seconds. Double checked that I didn't have any filters on the lens and took a test shot. I was happy with it, so I let it run for a little over an hour. 

Settings: Canon 7D - Canon 17-40mm @ 17mm  - 30" @ F/5.6 - ISO 800

After shooting the camera for a bit, I made my way up the mountain and ended up stopping at the Palomar Mountain General Store and Mother's Kitchen. I decided to use this as my second subject. I ran out of battery in the 7D and had to use the 1D3 to actually shoot. I swapped out the 70-200 since it's not really the best choice for star trails and slapped on the Tokina 11-16. Framed up my shot and took a test shot. Noticed one of the lights were blowing out the area beneath the awning so I snuck up and screwed the bulb out... temporarily. Happy with my next test, I let the camera run. 

Settings:  Canon 1DIII - Tokina 11-16mm @ 13mm - 30" @ F/4 - ISO 400

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