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I decided to camp up on Palomar for a bit this weekend since I didn't have anything out of town going on. It's always great camping at the Observatory Campground, the sites are great, and you can drive South Grade when you get bored. I also get to wake up just before I have to shoot, since I like to sleep. 

I decided to break out my Holdfast Gear Money Maker strap to see how it would work on the mountain. Keep an eye out for some more photos and a review of the strap. I'm really digging 'em so far! I set up the 7D on a tripod and snapped some "Holdfast Selfies" for the current social media campaign. Lets hope they like it! 

As far as riding, it was a good weekend compared to the 94 down south. There was a fatal crash involving a rider and a truck. Although I did get some shots of a crash and my buddy helped another rider get home after we came back from lunch and found them on the side of the road. 

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