It was nice to get back on the mountain. It feels like its been forever. I only made it out on Sunday, but that ok. I had plans to set up a remote camera but I forgot my lazer for the trigger at home. Simple mistake with a killing result. But one thing I learned is to never rely on the remote for your shot. It should always be a nice add to your set. Although that doesn't excuse me for forgetting a piece of equipment! 

I'm really glad I made it out on Sunday cause a couple of the guys brought out their Honda Grom's and ran a few laps. According to one of them, it was pinned all day long. haha. I don't know who had more fun, them or myself shooting them. Even later while editing the bobble head shot they wanted, I had the giggles like Ron Swanson. Check it out. Tell me it doesn't make you giggle, and I'll tell you where the closest communist support group is. As Larry the Cable Guy says, I don't care who you are, that's funny. The Groms on Palomar are already a chuckle, but then the bobble head twist was just irresistible. 

I also threw the GoPro in a few places just to have some fun with the 120fps feature at 1080. I wanted to throw it on one of the groms, but neither of the guys had mounts for a GoPro yet. It'll have to wait for next time. I'm still having so much fun exploring all the features of the new Hero4. I'm using it for photos more than anything, but its still pushing me to have fun with video. 

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