I missed shooting Palomar on Saturday to head up north for the San Pedro Shred. It was pretty cool and a huge event for what I was expecting. It always feels good to be sitting on the side of the mountain, enjoying the mixture of nature and motors. It was an interesting weekend in general. 

So this happened... 

First, there was a fly by of the Sheriff's helicopter before I was done getting set up. A few minutes later, there was this super low fly by of a prop engine plane. No clue what type it was or what it was doing, but I snapped a photo of it. 

Later, while a few riders were taking a break and watching the bikes go by, a CHP officer decided to bust a U-turn. It was to catch a rider that passed a car in the same spot. He did it without any warning or anything, in the middle of some S-turns, cutting off the two bikers cruising behind the passed car. A few minutes later he came back down the mountain. Oh the irony....

Last, who doesn't like boobs. 

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