Well my weekend plans started out with the idea to camp on Palomar this weekend... Then the forecast for rain came out and that changed my plans. Now that its all said and done, I could have had my chance to camp in the snow for the first time.... but it will have to wait for another time. 

Saturday I ran out to Palomar to find it empty. Not even the usual families out to see what little snow fell overnight. So I made my way to another local run to shoot some photos the West Coast MINI club run. I set up a remote and tried to cover it up to protect it from the rain as much as possible. A hat doubles as a rain cover for the 7D and 17-40 if anyone is wondering. I went back to Palomar after the MINIs went on their way and it was still fairly empty. I headed home, not paying attention that there was a fairly large bicycling event running through Bonsall.

I was bummed I missed that, but no way was I going to miss the Spy Optic Belgian Waffle Ride on Sunday. I woke up and left for Palomar to shoot for a few hours on the mountain. Surprisingly there were quite a few guys out there, along with a CHP motor unit. After pushing buck my time I wanted to leave a few minutes after a few minutes... just one last group of riders.... ok, just these guys going up... OK! Lets go! Time to leave! haha I left and went to Double Peak Park for the Spy Event

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