Thanks to the guys over at HKarmy, they picked me up to shoot the PSP West Coast Open that went down this past weekend. Although, I was only shooting Friday and Sunday because I had Gina and Sergio's wedding to shoot on Saturday, I still had a great time this weekend.

That sure made for an exciting weekend overall. I showed up on Thursday to get my media pass and shoot some shots of the field. I have to say this is the easiest time I've had to deal with PSP as far as getting a pass. If you've followed my interactions in the pass, you know I've had some hard times when it comes to my interaction with the PSP and their media. Thanks to Amanda for having all my stuff ready when I got there! After getting my pass, Mark had an idea for a modification to the planets I've been doing in the past. I really liked his idea and gave it a try. He killed it with the idea and pose. I got the shots I needed and headed off to the hotel to start working on the image. After a little editing in Photoshop CreativeCloud, I was pretty happy with the end result to the right. 

As far as shooting paintball, the rest of the weekend was fairly normal. Aside from the fact that Dynasty went 0-5 and got relegated to the Challengers division for World Cup. I did have to run back and forth between Riverside and La Jolla for the event and the wedding. 

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