I headed up north to spend some time with the lady in Berkeley. I got there just as the riots were dying off, so we wanted to get out of town and take a little road trip. The lady wanted to go to Chico because it was beautiful... but we all knew it was the Sierra Nevada Brewery that she really wanted to see. Even though I don't drink beer, I still had a good time checking out the ins and outs of the brewery. After that, it was onward with the road trip. We headed north To Klamath to head back down the coast. The only problem, there was a storm brewing. The news was saying its going to be the storm of the decade. For us, it wasn't much, but it was a nice thing we were out of town because the Bay area got hit hard by the storm. It didn't affect us too much. The roads were fairly clear and it did stop raining enough at times to get some photos. The only issue was some roads were closed because they expected the debris to be to bad to deal with. Overall we had a great trip and scouted some places to head back to when the weather was better. 

I have to get better at writing up the blogs for these road trips. For now, this will do. Check out the shots from what I ended up with the shots. 

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