After all that traveling, I headed home from Monterey to be in San Diego for MuirSkate's Downhill Disco. This was my second year shooting the disco. My first year was a blast. There is just so much to work with. I spent most of the time shooting with a strobe on the big air ramp on Saturday and then trying to trouble shoot it on Sunday. 

On Sunday, after giving up on trouble shooting the light, I dropped it off at my car, in the process, locking my keys in the car. Props to AAA for being there in like, less than 10 minutes after calling them and handing me

my keys. 

After that, I got back to shooting with some natural light, even thought I was able to steal a few shots with other peoples strobes. Most of the time there is so much stuff to shoot, I don't know where to start. I end up just wondering like a lost little child snapping shots as I see them. 

Hope you like my lost findings. 

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