I randomly found a lens cloth with a pouch walking through WalMart one day. I bought it just for shiggles. Now I needed a new one and decided to check out Amazon. I found a few brands and bought a couple just to have around. 

I got bored the other day and decided to make a little review of the Stuff-it by Carson and Spudz by Alpine Innovations. They both have some nifty features but I wish I could have a hybrid of them both. Both feature some sort of pouch that enclose the lens cloth and a clip to allow you to attach it to a strap or bag. 

The Stuff-it by Carson has a drawstring that lets the whole cloth come out of the pouch. The problem is where it connects to the cloth, there's a harder spot that doesn't seem like a great spot to use. The string is separate from the clip so it doesn't matter if you have it attached to a bag or not. 

The Spudz by Alpine Innovations is pretty simple. The main positive of it is the flap that comes over the opening closing the pouch a little more. Since it doesn't have a drawstring, its a little tougher using all of the lens cloth that comes with it. 

I'm happy with both of them overall. I wish they made a hybrid one, but that's not going to happen. They are cheap anyways, so its nice to have a few of them lying around. 


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