Where am I now? I have been doing so much traveling I don't know what day it is or where I'm at. I've been to Berkeley twice in less than 2 weeks, Las Vegas and Huntington Beach. Now I find myself in Laguna Seca at the Sea Otter Classic. This was my second year shooting longboarding on Laguna Seca. Check out my blog post from my last time shooting there

After leaving Berkeley and getting to the track, it took me a minute to find the entrance, then a few to find the media parking since the parking guys were telling me to go to general parking then sent me down the wrong turn... but finally I find the media center and check in. I roamed around and shot some random stuff from the bicycle event and made my way to the corkscrew. The start of the downhill course was at the top of the corkscrew. I'll never get over seeing that turn, let alone being able to stand at the top of it. It is one of the best places on earth for me. However, I wasn't there to oogle the course, I had some skating to shoot. I started making my way down the hill shooting the practice runs and race heats. I had already missed some of the practice, and the whole event went by before I could event really get settled in. Even then, its hard not to come away with something good at such a great location with great riders. 

Thanks to Connor and the guys at Road Rider for putting on a great event and Congrats to Byron Essert and Johnny Miller for taking the top spots for the day

Check out my full gallery from the day.

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