I've always been a fan of off-road racing. I had the opportunity to shoot some rally cross a while ago, but that was the closest I have come to shooting an off road racing event. That has changed recently. While trying to figure out what to do one week, a friend recommend I go check out King of the Hammers. Another buddy said he has somewhere for me to crash. That's all I needed. I got there the night before the main race, in hopes of shooting some sort of star trail. However, the weather did not cooperate with my plans. When I got there, there was some cloud cover so shooting star trails was out of the question. We got ready for the next day and then crashed out. I woke up at sunrise, but sat around till everyone else woke up and we made out way out to the course. It was awesome checking out all the different terrain the guys had to hit in the same car. From hauling all out on a dry lake bed to crawling up some of the gnarliest trails you'll ever see.

My favorite part of the event was a pass by Tom Wayes at the trail called Backdoor. Mike Nappi had his co-driver out directing him while the winched up the trail as Tom Wayes entered Backdoor. Wayes took out the first waterfall like it was nothing. The normal line to the left was blocked by the winching Nappi, so Wayes decides to take an unconventional route, sending media and spectators higher on the hill as he goes up and around Nappi. The co-driver had a had gesture to explain his opinion on Wayes pass as the crowd of spectators cheered. 

Untitled photo

The rest of the event was pretty epic in itself, as the photos below will show. If you have any interest in using any of my photos from King of the Hammers, or would like me to cover your team at a different event, please contact me. 

Click here for a full gallery from King of the Hammers

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