After getting the America The Beautiful annual pass to the National Parks, I have this odd desire to go to national parks as much as I can.... hmmmm, weird. I have been to Joshua Tree a handful of times, and I will keep on going. I love it there. 

This trip out I wanted to start trying out time lapse photography. It was pretty easy to do since I had the TriggerTrap mobile app that allowed me to trigger my camera via my phone. I'm happy with the timelapse clips and am still working on getting better with my video work. Editing is a whole different beast than photo editing. You need a lot of patience to edit video. I tip my hat to all my video friends out there!

I would have more campsite shots and video, but we had to battle some bees for a majority of our time at this campsite. There were dozens of bees flocking to my soda can and then to my tent once the soda was gone. I still can't believe I wasn't stung after all this.

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