I've been messing with the GoPro Hero4 a lot lately. It's really nice to have control over the exposure and to run longer exposures than you could with the Hero3+. Of course I've been doing all the usual long exposure type shots, but I had an idea the other day that I thought was pretty nifty. I wanted to rig a MINI using the GoPro Hero4, App and MINI Connected. I snagged the keys to my mom's Paceman and headed out in the night. 

After setting up the rig, I had the camera connected to the iPhone, connected to the car. However, when I tried to access the GoPro app via the in-car screen, it dropped connection and I had to try to reconnect, just to get dropped again. Not sure what the issue is and I'll have to contact GoPro about it. 

Once I was over the fact that I wasn't going to be able to do things the way I wanted I grabbed my phone and started shooting the Paceman. I set up the GoPro Hero3+ to catch some of the rolling with the car. Everything is sped up in the video above. Below are some of the final examples of Rigging the MINI Paceman with the GoPro Hero4.


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