After shooting the first WCPPL event of the 2014 season, I was headed back home when I realized that the HKarmy Surf City Open was only a week away.  I spent the week before getting my WCPPL galleries up and prepping for the event in Huntington Beach. 

I was surprised to find out the event was only one field. Compared to the 8 fields of years past, this is a little disparaging. However, seeing as this event shouldn't have even happened when the NPPL called it quits for the 2014 season. You have to give credit where its due, HKarmy is doing a good job keeping this event alive. One main problem was timing. This was the same weekend as the Millennium and a week after the WCPPL event. 

Overall the event was a fun one to shoot, and simple too. Its hard to mess up with only one field. The only issue I had was their schedule. They would get so far ahead that they would take a break. This made guessing when your team was gonna be on a little bit of a crap shoot. Shooting the 2v2 was pretty fun and relaxing and I really hope this format takes off. 

Checkout some teaser photos below and check the full galleries for your photos!

HKarmy Surf City Open - Saturday
HKarmy Surf City Open - Sunday

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