Have I mentioned that I love my job. It allows me to travel and meet different people. I first "met" Todd, or G-man as I referred to him when talking to my girlfriend, on Instagram. She follows him because he has some adorable pugs that he posts photos of all the time. Check out his Instagram: @gman92069! We've exchanged "mornin"s a time or two as he climbed Palomar, but that's about it. I asked if he wanted to take some photos at a local climb of his. I had just got some new pocket wizards and wanted to give them a go with all the clouds that are out. 

I was able to snap out a few portraits and an action shot before the pocket wizards started to give me some trouble. 

  • Rebecca Scureman Redington

    on February 28, 2014

    Amazing photography and scenery - the G-man is equally amazing, inspiring, and a really nice guy!!!

  • Jane Sparks

    on February 28, 2014

    I absolutely love your work! These photos are amazing!

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