If you would have asked me when I was a kid what its like knowing someone for two years, I wouldn't be able to answer. That's the product of the military life for me. Moving every 3 years, you never get to know people for very long, either they move, or you do. Well I found someone that's willing to put up with me for two years. We decided to head back to Palomar to camp for the weekend of our Anniversary and road trip back to Berkeley before she starts classes again. I surprised her with a night at the Madonna Inn after camping. If you can, I recommend you spend a night there. There are 100+ rooms and they are all themed differently. I wish I had more shots but I spent too much time enjoying our time there I didn't shoot much of the grounds. The Cafe and Restaurant have great food and service too!

After the night at the Madonna Inn we made our way to Big Sur. It was what the lady wanted to see on our trip. Along the way I was shooting with a neutral density filter I recently picked up. I really enjoy shooting the coast with the neutral density filter. It definitely smooths out the motion of the ocean.  

I also shot some timelapse while at the Bixby Bridge on the way home. There was a pretty dense marine layer as I rolled up to the bridge, but after setting up, it went away and started to bring in some clouds. I wish I could have sat around for longer but I had plans (which fell through, leaving me in LA traffic at rush hour.) I shot two timelapses.  One used my 1DmkIII with a 17-40mm F/4L lens and a neatrual density filter while my phone triggered the camera via TriggerTrap. The second was shot with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition attached to a Camalapse3 on a Joby Focus Tripod. You can see the final results above

Check out the rest of the photos from the trip below. You can always follow my Instagram to see where I am of to next.  

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