I just got done building a new computer for my work rig. One thing that goes along with a new computer is being forced to upgrade to new software.Ever since it came out, I have been reluctant to make the change to Adobe CreativeCloud but was forced to make the jump. I am really happy I made the move. I had CS5 on my desktop prior to the upgrade and CS6 on my Macbook Pro, so the jump wasn't too shocking and confusing. 

The install is a breeze. You install the Creative Cloud program, which allows you to choose which of the Adobe programs you want to install. Since all I really do is shoot photos and the occasional video, I only installed Photoshop, Bridge and Premiere. I figure I can install the others as I need them. All I have to do is go back to the CC program and install the Adobe program I need. 

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The jump from CS6 to CC is going to be the easiest thing of course since its the newest version of Photoshop. Which is one of the reasons I like and recommend the CreativeCloud. You don't have to wait for the new version of the Creative Suite to update now. Every time they have a new feature, big or not, they can push an update out and you can have the latest features right away. No waiting for enough new features for Adobe to come out with a new version and having to buy a whole new suite of programs. 

In the end, I'm having a blast on my new set up. Running the Creative Cloud, with the SSD's and quad core processor is smooth as butter.  I've included some screen shots of my work space with the new CC set up. Please excuse my Premiere work space. Since I don't edit much videos. I haven't found a solid work space I'm comfortable with. Also  I'm running 25" and 21" monitors if anyone is interested. 

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