This weekend was the start of the American Paintball League. They started their series with the SoCal Open at the Paintball Park At Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California.

Let me start with a congrats to the shooters and looters for taking first place. Don't know the name? It's a "throw together" with players like Alex "Mouse" Goldman, Alex Rodriguez and Dave Bains. Not a bad throw together if you ask me. 

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It was nice to get back in the swing of things. It was also nice that the field was 10 minutes from my house. No hotels for me this event.... No rental, no sleeping on a floor or crappy hotel breakfasts. I got to sleep in my own bed and drink my own coffee in the morning. That may be why I ended up with my photos online a day after the event. 

Another nice touch to the event was the ability to use remotes. I just picked up a set of Pocket Wizards and I wanted to give them a go as remotes. It was a nice touch, but like I learned at the Sports Shooter Academy, you can't rely on remotes. Remote shots are just a bonus. You can shoot all day, get a thousand shots, and not get something you are happy with. This was a similar case. I only ended up with one remote shot that I was happy with. I was glad I went to the Sports Shooter workshop because I remembered a few tips that were given out on the topic of remotes. It really made life easier and a little simpler. 

Other than the remote camera, it was the same game as usual for me. I didn't recognize as many people as I would have expected for a national event in So Cal (Shame on all you local photogs!) but I guess the PSP media policy has scared people away from Paintball media.

Either way, it was cool for me. Saw some good friends and got some good shots. 

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