After a road trip to Berkeley, keep an eye out for a video and blog post from my trip, I made my way to pick up a buddy in Southern California to make our way to the 2014 WCPPL season opener in Las Vegas. The event was held on March 28-30, 2014 at the Vegas Xtreme Paintball park.

The event was a great event as usual. Pop's Tacos was out pushing meat again, making my day better with great, cheap food, unlike the usual overpriced burger at other paintball events. The layout made for some great action in the snake as you can see from the photos. Mother Nature didn't like the way the field was set up and on Sunday started blowing the bunkers around and even kicking up a few of them, including the A and rearranging them.

Keep an eye out for another preview gallery on Social Paintball

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