Well it was another week in the humid weather of Florida, shooting in the field next to the Fantasy of Flight. I was shooting for HKarmy again, so they have a majority of my photos, keep an eye out with them to see everything they do with them. Like the Dynasty poster was one of my shots from the KLR commercial.

Aside from the terrible humidity I didn't have much in terms of issues. I did have to stand for some reason during the Challengers final match between Dynasty and Infamous. It wasn't even the whole match. 10 seconds before a point starts one of the refs tells me I have to stand.... I've heard some stories of why, but it's all hear say. Of course I was still able to get good shots, but I just thought it was funny that they are restricting media that far that I couldn't crouch or sit on the ground. Makes me really glad I don't pay the "for-hire" fee of $1200.

But that marks the off season for PSP as far as event photography goes. Up next for me is WCPPL in Vegas. You can never complain about a little road trip to Vegas to shoot a Paintball event. 

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